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 sean lim

Instructor of Jeet Kune Do

Born and bred in Singapore, Sean is a professional Jeet Kune Do Instructor and former national fencer.

A weak and sickly child growing up, Sean had a simple goal: to develop his body and advance his mind; to use martial arts as a tool for self mastery.

After more than a decade of study, training and refinement, he has turned his pursuit of JKD into a self-sufficient system for effective street defense, health-first fitness and personal advancement.

He is available for 1:1 sessions, classes & workshops.

What my clients say...

Dear Sean

First of all, I would like to thank you for having me as a private student.

I consider it a privilege to be training under your direct instruction and guidance.

Jeet Kune Do training under your direction has been especially meaningful for me.

When I decided to start training, I largely wanted to learn a form of “martial art”, as a means of effective self-defense.

At the time, I viewed this purely in the physical realm; learning to punch, kick and execute movements in accordance with an established regime.

Under your training, I very shortly realized, that physical execution was really the expression and culmination of much more on a higher plane...
…As I progressed, I have learnt from you that focus, emotional stability, perception, physical awareness and indeed one’s own character, must come together in a rhythm that is in connectedness with one’s target, in order for the right action to flow.

I might add, that the same applies to life. And hence the special meaning to me. I particularly appreciate your insistence that I must come to an understanding for myself, creating and expressing in my mind what the concepts mean in my own personal terms.

In this process, they become part of me at once, and beyond the martial art aspect, I invariably gain deeper insights about myself. Your lessons are physically intense and intellectually stimulating, and the opportunity for self-enquiry and reflection upon the knowledge being imparted leaves a powerful impression each time.

Thank you Sean for making my Jeet Kune Do training an enlightening journey and an ongoing process of continuing growth under your guidance.

Your Humble Student
Eddie Lim
Due to work, my sisters & I have to travel often. Learning self-defense as well as the JKD Philosophy from Sean has brought us a peace of mind. As a teacher, he knows the strength/weakness of each of his students well. He is able to work with each student while helping them improve. Grateful to learn and grow in my professional and personal aspects after learning from Sean.
Sean teaches unselfishly, doing his best to pass on his knowledge to his us. He has creative and unique ways to impart deeper understanding to his students. He loves to dedicate his time to share his experiences with students. His lessons have enabled me to better express myself and make better decisions in life, which I find it inspiring and helped me in my personal development.
The minimum age required is 21.
Am I too young or old for this?

The minimum age to train is 21.

This is a personal journey, which means that the
only person you need to compare with is yourself.

Go at your own pace. Enjoy your training. Move towards your own goals.

Can I learn from you if I have no experience?

Yes, that's exactly why I do this.

My goal is to train men and women to protect themselves,
be physically fit and apply the principles of this art.

How can I get started?

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