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I have been training Jeet Kune Do (JKD) with Sifu Sean for almost 6 months now. The reason I choose JKD was because I wanted to learn a practical skillset that would also develop my mind and body along the way. I remember the first time when I was exposed to JKD in university, its philosophy- “Be Flexible like Water” resonates with what I believe in.

From there, I started my journey with the introduction session with Academy of JKD, after which I signed up for classes with Sean. I find Sean to be a highly skillful, knowledgeable, passionate and patient instructor. His has this special ability to isolate the different aspects of the art into bite size information, and teaches them in a clear and concise manner. Even as a female and a beginner, I find myself able to catch up with the other male students in class. In addition to that, the knowledge that he teaches in class is not something that you can learn from YouTube. I find that it is more beneficial if you have a real life qualified instructor, who can evaluate and correct your postures, which would speed up your learning of the art.

It has been several months now where I journal my learning after each class. I find that, from the bite size information that I cumulatively learned weekly, Sean has actually designed the curriculum in a way that I will be able to eventually relate and combine them into a bigger picture.

JKD is a lifelong learning. It is not fixed but instead, it is a continuous process of discovery that teaches you to be flexible and adaptable and I’m excited to continue this journey of discovery. I would highly recommend Jeet Kune Do Singapore to anyone who is interested in this art.

Sandy Lim

Before I had started training with Sifu Sean, I had only intended to learn self-defense, believing that Jeet Kune Do would best help me in a realistic situation.

However, 4 years into practice it has greatly influenced me as a way of life more than just a martial art. The learning during training has influenced how I live and work and what is taught is constantly evolving and changing, true to the principle of the intercepting fist.

Sean not only simplifies the concepts, he also translates these into relevant exercises and constantly adjusts them by injecting knowledge gained from his various experiences. What I have gotten in return since starting my journey is definitely way more valuable than what has initially been expected and I continue to grow as both martial artist and as a person thanks to Sifu Sean’s guidance.

Mike Huang

Training sessions are not purely physical but I also learnt about the philosophy behind the moves. I signed up expecting a different, more action-packed workout from the usual yoga/ pilates but definitely ended up receiving more! Highly recommended to anyone who’s interested in learning a martial art or picking up self defence techniques. Suitable for beginners as instructor gives personalised attention!

Tricia Heng

As coach of the Olympic sport of fencing I have seen many individuals who aspire to be great fencers. And every once in a while I will come across individuals who possess a great passion, for this western martial art, a fair bit more than others. Sean Lim is one such example. Sean is talented, a fast learner, very disciplined in the art and always striving for perfection in every aspect of the sport. Sean has great potential, is tactically sound and fearless. Qualities a great fencer should possess. In such a short time of less than a year he has achieved great results in the competitions he has taken part in, locally and overseas. I look forward to seeing Sean grace the National Fencing team in the future. All the best, Sean.

Jeffrey Lopez

Sean Lim has become my protege in JKD and is an Official Branch Instructor of IJKD in Singapore. He exemplifies professionalism, drive and a profound understanding of Jeet Kune Do. Sean possesses a very keen mind, a good understanding of the dynamics of JKD and is a student of the scientific approach. He is a fencing competitor and loves to test himself regularly in alive situations. I appreciate his loyalty, friendship and applaud his continuing passion and perseverance.

Mark Stewart

Sean is conscientious in his approach to martial training, always wanting to excel beyond his limit both physically and understanding. Open mind to absorb concept and principles of different martial arts system, in time a philosopher and martial artist in the making!

Ken Lau

Sean Lim is exceptionally focused on achieving excellence. What sets him apart from the many practitioners whom I have met over the years, is that he is not content with learning techniques. Rather, he learns techniques as a way of refining himself. Think about how you can go about acquiring different ways of doing push-ups. Does acquiring 50 different ways of doing push-ups make you a better person? Sean seeks to acquire a deep understanding about his body and mind, and the interaction between the two, through his practice. This ability to nurture himself, and to cultivate his own growth, is the mark of the true artist who is on the path towards unification.

Steven Sim


Wang Zhihua

I had the privilege of learning martial arts from Sean and have always been amazed by the amount of passion and commitment he has devoted to his craft. As a believer of fundamental techniques and speed, I personally find him a great friend to train with. His ability to physically and emotionally internalize the underlying philosophy of the art, as well as to effectively apply the techniques in combat, has allowed the both of us to progress together. Given Sean’s ever willingness to share his knowledge to those who are keen to learn, I am confident that he will be a great teacher to many.

Lee Jiawei

I knew Sean from during my time in SMU Fencing; he was one of the most dedicated fencers I have ever seen. He was very focused on his training and worked harder than everybody else on the team, which resulted him in achieving very good results in competitions and being selected for the Singapore national fencing team. It was a pleasure watching him work.

Jonah Wong

Unlike some fighters who can be very inflexible in thinking, Sean is refreshingly inquisitive and receptive to different concepts. As a martial artist, Sean is resilient and dedicated. His approach towards JKD involves a genuine search to understand Bruce Lee’s process. Through years of dedication, he has acquired the scientific dexterity of a fencer, the skills of a well-trained boxer, and the artistry of a Wing Chun fighter. This rare and dynamic blend of knowledge differentiates him from the generic “JKD instructor” who may understand JKD only as a crystaliized system.

Spencer Zhang

At this time and age where martial arts is commonly sold as a product, it is extremely rare to find someone who has dedicated his life into pursuing martial arts the way Sean has. With Sean, JKD goes beyond fighting – it is a deep, personal form of self-expression. It is his way of understanding the challenges around him and answering them proactively. As a teacher, Sean also believes that if one truly understands something, he will be capable of leading somebody to understand it too. If you are into martial arts, this is one person you definitely want to train with!

Daniel Tan

Dear Sean

First of all, I would like to thank you for having me as a private student. I consider it a privilege to be training under your direct instruction and guidance.

Jeet Kune Do training under your direction has been especially meaningful for me.

When I decided to start training, I largely wanted to learn a form of “martial art”, as a means of effective self-defence. At the time, I viewed this purely in the physical realm; learning to punch, kick and execute movements in accordance with an established regime.

Under your training, I very shortly realised, that physical execution was really the expression and culmination of much more on a higher plane. As I progressed, I have learnt from you that focus, emotional stability, perception, physical awareness and indeed one’s own character, must come together in a rhythm that is in connectedness with one’s target, in order for the right action to flow.

I might add, that the same applies to life. And hence the special meaning to me.

I particularly appreciate your insistence that I must come to an understanding for myself, creating and expressing in my mind what the concepts mean in my own personal terms. In this process, they become part of me at once, and beyond the martial art aspect, I invariably gain deeper insights about myself. Your lessons are physically intense and intellectually stimulating, and the opportunity for self-enquiry and reflection upon the knowledge being imparted leaves a powerful impression each time.

Thank you Sean for making my Jeet Kune Do training an enlightening journey and an ongoing process of continuing growth under your guidance.

Your humble student

Eddie Lim

There were many things I thought I would gain after seeking JKD as an outlet, avenue and experience in JKD. Like many out there, I have spent much of my life trying to attain qualifications, promotions and financial stability. Despite these pursuits going well and as planned, my zeal for a quality life, deeper experience and overall creativity waivered. Thus was my “cup” when I went seeking in martial arts.

Today, my journey in JKD allows me to say, it is neither in the gaining nor in the losing.

Such has JKD impacted me and such is the caliber of Sean to convey such relatable life philosophies through an art of self-defense that is scientific by approach yet not exhaustive by science alone; rather the mind. Sean, my teacher and friend is not only an originator of his expression of martial arts, but on several occasions proven to be able to translate lessons learnt from JKD to challenges I faced in my personal life and the corporate environment I work in.

Through a sound JKD curriculum base, Sean continues to extract, research, refine and redefine movements from other sources and martial arts including western boxing and fencing. This in itself was congruent to everything I looked for in a teacher; relentless improvement. Testament to this is his numerous fencing awards and medals. I was a Tae Kwon Do black belt prior to my journey with Sean in JKD and I can truly say that this is different, this is more!

True gems live amongst us and sometimes in the most unexpected places and circumstances. I consider Sean to be such a person; always inspiring his students to be the best they can be while leading by example that even at our best there is always that little bit more to improve.

Noel Navin

Sean’s lessons aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill martial arts classes. Every session is purposeful and thoughtfully planned in the better interest of his students. The classes are small, which means better quality because more time is spent with each individual.

He encourages his students to take notes and take charge of their own learning so that the journey expands beyond the dojo and into one’s daily routine. He constructs various mental concepts that coincide with the physical aspect of JKD which to me, makes learning this form of martial art more holistic and unique. This has helped me in my personal development as being mentally challenged leads me to think better and make better decisions. This is very important to me as I think that whatever the mind believes, the body will follow and achieve.

Sean also teaches real-world applications that would help an individual to be able to fight, not just physical movements for no rhyme or reason. It’s a privilege and honour to be one of Sean’s students―my inner strength as well as confidence have led to a personal breakthrough. No more limits ― let’s get to work.

Ridzwan Ismail

我所認識的Sean師傅, 是個認真教學, 努力專研武術的一位青年.
Sean的截拳道(JKD)課程, 除了教導套路, 更注重於JKD的核心概念.

Zack Koh

When searching for a coach, I wished he not only taught me the tactics, but also the reasons behind it and perhaps the philosophical components of it. I thought looking at years of experience and age would be a good way. Coach was one of the last in the list of instructors I approached, due to his young age at the time.

I soon learnt not to belittle his knowledge and understanding; Coach is extremely committed to the learning and teaching of martial arts. He devotes a lot of time and energy to exploring and discovering more about martial arts, despite already acquiring a deep knowledge about it. He keeps striving to improve himself and bringing his knowledge and abilities to a higher level.

Instead of teaching his students merely the punches, kicks, or making us spar, he makes us imagine ourselves in a real life-threatening situation and helps us find the most logical move to make to save our lives. He shares his thoughts, journeys and experiences, making us think deeper into martial arts, life and its inter-connections. He makes us grow together with him. He shares with us his personal stories which shows us his character that mirrors a set of values a true martial artist, or any learned and civilized man should have, making him a respectable teacher.

His earnest approach to JKD and helping his students grow, makes him a teacher beyond measure. He’s a teacher I am thankful to have.

Natalie Wong

Sean is an intense and focused individual. He strives to pass on his knowledge in such a way that it will be useful in all things. Fully utilizing his learnings and experiences from various martial arts and sports, he has cultivated an uniquely effective way of communicating his ideas and intentions to his students. Sean has meticulously created a highly mentally stimulating and physically challenging environment that encourages every individual to internalize what they learnt. You will be put on an enriching journey to think, move and become your greatest self. We do not rise to the level of our expectations, but fall to the level of our training. You want the best training.

Dabin Wang

Sean is my JKD instructor and his lessons have benefited me greatly not only in the martial art, but also in my personal life. He teaches unselfishly, doing his best to pass on his knowledge to his students. He has his own creative and unique ways to impart deeper understanding of JKD to his students. Throughout my time training under him, I realized that martial art is not just a physical thing, but also trains the mental aspect. He is not one who focuses on commercialized lessons, but prefers to dedicate his time to share his experiences with students who have similar passions. His lessons have enabled me to better express myself and make better decisions in life. Beyond training lessons, he would often share his personal journey in his training, which I find it inspiring and helped me in my personal development.

Calvin Liaw

Sean is one of the most dedicated, collected and motivated individual I know. Even in his early fencing days he knew how to shut out distractions and stay focused on his goals. He takes every failure with a serious yet positive disposition and not surprisingly he grew to be one of the best fencers in a short time. Sean is not only talented in many forms of martial arts, but also has an incredible perspective in life and is a great mentor in every aspect.

Michelle Darmawan

Sean displays an extremely high level of dedication towards the martial arts. Along the way to achieving expertise in Jeet Kune Do he has also gained expertise in Wing Chun, fencing and boxing – thus possessing first hand knowledge of the martial arts that most influenced JKD’s founder, Bruce Lee. His genuine passion for JKD and martial arts in general is infectious – as one of his students I can’t help but share in his enthusiasm. He is knowledgeable, patient and a good communicator, who able to impart his knowledge effectively. Highly recommended as an instructor.

Simon Ree

Sean is an outstanding JKD instructor. Throughout my time learning from him, I find that he is a very approachable and creative instructor. Trainings are tailored according to individual student’s progress and often coaching in many different ways on different aspects of the martial arts. He has deep knowledge in JKD and is able to express himself very well either through speech or movements. He is enthusiastic and always ready to impart his knowledge. Definitely a role model and good instructor.

Lee Huan Ghee

Under Sean’s tutelage, I was able to assimilate and understand the fundamentals of Wing Chun quickly enough for me to feel genuine improvements in my skills. Tireless and always teaching from relational analogies, Sean is a role model which educators can learn from.

Max Sim

Sean is very dedicated to the art of Jeet Kune Do and self improvement through various other martial arts forms such as fencing and boxing. His professionalism in teaching is also amazing as he does not focus on commercialized lessons, he truly wants his students to benefit. It is really beneficial to train with him.

Huang Kai

Sean is a great instructor and has a very methodical approach in his explanations. We managed to learn a lot within just 2 hours and learnt techniques that are immediately applicable to real life situations, unlike most other self-defense techniques which require you to train for months before they are practical.

Abigail Lim

Sean Lim is such a passionate trainer in sharing the art of JKD. We enjoyed the session very much.
“Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.”
Thank you.

Jimmy Choo

Sean teaches in a pragmatic approach and connects the ideas with his own experience to make them pellucid for totally a beginner with no martial arts background. Additionally, Sean attends to every single question that boggles your mind while offering great advices.

Chuck Scofirroto

Many thanks to @jkdsean. He is a dedicated, humble, open and firm instructor of JKD in Singapore that does not impose the teachings of JKD but rather is explorative and humble in his approach.
I look forward to more training sessions where I can learn to simply “be like water”, flow…and crash!

John Chow

I must say that Sean brings out the best from us in his coaching. No nonsense but only essence. Sean is also very open to question and sharing of ideas. Definitely a great person to go to regarding JKD. Recommend!

Mang Yew



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